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Prototype Completed November 15th, 2020

This prototype showcases a physics-focused arcade game, where the player has to create pots while making sure they don't get destroyed in a flood. Created with a small team in the Unreal Engine over the course of a few weeks, this prototype was made as a possible direction for a senior year project.

The Pottery Shop: Project


As Lead Designer on Pottery Shop, I was in charge of making sure the experience was engaging and immersive. This included:

  • Creating and Editing sounds for the game.

  • Creating a UI that existing in the game world.

  • Documenting all the different mechanics and possible disasters.

  • Building a city shop environment using Unreal Brushes.

  • Building custom logic for gameplay and sound playback using Blueprints.

The Pottery Shop: Text
The Pottery Shop: Pro Gallery
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