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Released May 3rd, 2020

Project Gravity is a first person exploration project focused on learning the Unreal Engine and experimenting with using gravity mechanics in a FPS gameplay experience.

Project Gravity: Projects



Project Gravity is a First Person Shooter created in Unreal Engine 4. The Player controls a space marine stationed on the shuttle, charged with protecting an experimental tool known as the Gravity Well. The shuttle is attacked by rogue Space Pirates, trying to steal the Gravity Well. The player must harness the power of a miniature version of the device take down the guards using fun attacks such as Push and Shield to protect the device. The prototype focused mainly on the abilities and enemies, with one level to showcase them. The goal being to showcase that the concept worked, and show off my skills as both a designer and programmer.


During the development of this game, I was the sole developer. As the only developer, I worked on:

  • Planning, Documenting, and implementing the mechanics.

  • Designing and building levels.

  • Coming up with the backstory of the game for the marketing.

  • Planning and adding enemy behaviors.

  • Creating gameplay logic using blueprints to power gameplay, enemy AI, level logic, and UI logic

  • Integrated art assets from the Unreal marketplace.


Unreal Engine (Coding and Level Design)

Unreal Asset Store (Art for Prototyping, all free assets provided by Epic Games)
Adobe Photoshop (Level/Mechanic Design Sketches)

Git (Version Control)

Project Gravity: List
Project Gravity: Work


The planning document for overall gameplay and Enemy Design in Project Gravity. This document would contain all of the different things we would need for the prototype

Project Gravity: HTML Embed


These were milestones reports that I had to report to our teacher, Kevin Neibert of Tuque Games. These reports had to detail everything we aimed to do that milestones, what we actually got done, and a short reflection.

Project Gravity: HTML Embed
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